Family Travel in The Middle East

The Middle East doesn’t have the most obvious association as a destination for mainstream family travel.  However, if you are wiling (hint: you should be) to look beyond what is presented in the media, the Middle East has some incredible surprises.  

Family travel in the Middle East brings an oxymoron of ancient culture and history alongside some of the most modern megacities in the world. Cultures and kingdoms arise from the desert (Jordan) not far off mammoth modern highways (United Arab Emirates). There are fairytale-like oases (Oman), pyramids and mummies (Egypt) and places to float in the most salty of seas (Israel).

Family travel anywhere in the world brings challenges, and the highs of travel in the Middle East far outweigh the risk of lows. Go and sip some Bedouin tea and watch your kids learn to ride a donkey…

Countries We've Visited in Middle East

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