Away With The Steiners

“Inspiring family travel off the beaten track…”

Come away with us…

We are a family of four from New Zealand with a passion for culture and travel, and a love of adventure together – especially where it takes us off the beaten track!

Before we left and as we travelled, so many people aided our journeys. This site is our way of paying it forward with tips, tricks, and invaluable lessons we learnt along the way!


What do you know about visiting Uzbekistan? Oman? Or Palestine with kids?!


There is definitely an art to packing.


Some FAQ: Do you worry about schooling? Or how much time to spend in each place?

Join us in countries off the beaten track to discover why we went; what we loved; who we met; what challenged us and what we’d do differently if we went again…

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”

Dr. Seuss.

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