Hong Kong: Mount Davis (accidentally); the Metro and the Monster Buildings.

Why Hong Kong?

I’m not going to lie… Dim Sum and Yum Cha. The food scene of Hong Kong was calling!

That, coupled with the challenge of mastering a big-city metro system and cityscape after getting comfortable with the tuk tuks and sprawling jungles from three months in South East Asia. Hong Kong felt like the next step, and we reckoned we were ready…

Quarry Bay ‘Monster Building’

We loved…

The food

Dim Sum at ‘Yum Cha‘ had been highly recommended as a fun way (especially for the kids) to experience traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes.

And it definitely delivered!

In Cantonese, ‘Yum Cha’ literally means to ‘drink tea’ and is a time-honoured tradition in Hong Kong, celebrating the chance to come together and share a table spread with dimsum, tea, and other treats.

The YUM CHA chain of restaurants in Hong Kong puts a very modern twist on the old traditions and recipes; a (successfully sneaky) great way to introduce the kids to some different Chinese dishes!

We ended up eating at both Yum Cha Central and in Tsim Sha Tsui and would definitely go again!

Finding nature tracks and bush walks

In Hong Kong?! This was definitely an unexpected find for us!

[I have to confess we actually set off to find and climb the famous Mount Victoria, and err, due to our slight navigational errors taking the subway system and bus mapping, we ended up at Mount Davis!].

It turned out be a fantastic unplanned choice, and we found ourselves meeting locals, exploring the old army base, and confirming that Hong Kong DOES in fact have some great bush walks!

Wet markets

We found plenty! The favourite for us was Chun Yeung Street which has a tram line running right through it.

This is a popular market for locals, and is literally right outside the Ramada Grand View hotel door!

Our challenge in Hong Kong…

By far the biggest challenge of our time in Hong Kong was wrangling kids in an apartment that just was NOT designed for two energetic, outdoor boys! (It said ‘standard sized deluxe apartment’!). We made the decision to stick to our budget, and booked a local hotel room in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Well… it was certainly an experience! We are often asked about how the boys respond to moving homes as we travel. One of the biggest lessons learnt as we follow behind our boys on this adventure, is of how adaptable children are… Picture us arriving at 02:00am, having travelled since that morning. I was NOT IMPRESSED [understatement] to find an apartment that would do better titled as a SHOEBOX, where my feet as close to stuck out the door… 

But the kids were so excited!

Gavin looked at me, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, when at that time of morning Harry squealed with excitement, “I LOVE this cute little house! Look how cute it is!”

Where to (otherwise!) stay

For the last two nights we ended up rebooking, and found the Ramada Hong Kong Grand View Hotel. It even had a swimming pool with a rooftop view out over the Hong Kong skyline, and was right above the tram track and an amazing old-style wet market. At $120 NZD per night, we would recommend anyone to stay here!

Getting around

We fast became masters of the metro!

Seriously though, Hong Kong is an easy city to get around in. We used the metro, the trams, hailed a taxi, took a bus to and from the airport, and walked in between all of those.

If we went again we would…

We would climb Mount Victoria! And, we would definitely stay at our second choice of hotel… though, in saying that; the shoebox did turn out to be one of our most memorable travel stories!

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